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SMS Email Portal

SMS Productions, Inc. is pleased to announce that as of February 2007
customers of SMS will be able to access, send and track email campaigns from the SMS Productions Customer Website. This service will include artwork and template designs for use and re-use at any time of your choosing.

     Our Email Portal Features:

              1) Email addresses direct from your DCS

              2) Full Control over Content and Artwork

              3) Ability to Query existing email database for directed


              4) Tracking and warehousing of all responses to ongoing


              5) Full Opt. out functionality, tracking and filing.

              6) Directed Link Control

Ask your representative about this easy to use, completely flexible
broadcast email site.

* to SMS Productions customers.

Printing Services

SMS Productions, Inc. offers a complete line of Printing Services to fulfill any desired format or artwork. Printing our own products is essential in timely distribution of our clients' campaigns. We also offer a wide array of miscellaneous printing to fit your needs. Our fully staffed print and bindery shop produces high quality products right in our own plant. We will give you top quality printing at a reasonable cost.

Artwork & Design

SMS Productions, Inc. will create the artwork your campaigns need. We have an entire department of skilled individuals dedicated to creating original concepts for each of our clients. Our full service art department works with the latest equipment and technology. We specialize in creating personalized artwork that centers on photographs of the dealership, personnel, and other highlights of your store. We will visit your dealership and have a full campaign ready to go in a matter of days. It is our job to offer you the choices you need to get the most from your advertising campaigns. We make sure all campaigns are pre-approved by most manufacturers for coop prior to mailing. We also have the ability to provide posters (mounted or loose) for monthly promotions and other informational needs.

Data Processing

is also an important part of database management.  We have taken the proper security measures to assure the confidentiality of all of our customers' data.

SMS Productions, Inc. can download directly from your dealers' DCS. We have the ability to clean your data, de-duplicate by VIN and address, merge several files together, or extract one file from another. We offer NCOA and other list cleaning services. We use the latest CASS Certified software to get you the cleanest data and the lowest postage rates available.  Our staff has extensive knowledge on a wide variety of lists that are available and what they are best suited for. We have the capability to print sales letters with variable data within the text.

Mailing Services

SMS Productions, Inc. has a full service mail house onsite. Our equipment is designed for speed and accuracy for all types of mailers. We will inkjet or laser your mailer, sort it per post office regulations, and deliver it to the post office.

Call Center Operations (Live and automated)

We now offer a full service, web-based, interactive call center for CSI and any other client contact needs.

We also offer Voice Command, a system that can contact all or a select group of your customers at any time. It could be when they take delivery, after their first service appointment or for any other reason that you choose. Our system has the ability to contact your customers at the appropriate time with a personal message that will add to any promotion or general offer you are making. You get all of this for a set cost per month. Personalized service like this, directly from your dealership, creates long term loyalty and retention like nothing else.

With this messaging system you can immediately improve your service and sales business with:

Service Campaigns:
Service Appointment Reminders
Service Thank you & CSI
Service Maintenance Reminders
First Time Service Thank You
Lost Soul
Special Order Parts Arrival Notification
Special Event Notification
Warranty Notifications

Sales Campaigns:
Happy Birthday Calls
Sales Thank You
Pending Lease Termination
Showroom Prospect
Phone Call Prospect
Special Event Notification

You will drive up loyalty and retention with automated service and sales follow-up calls.  You will be able to increase internet closing ratios by sending personal “thank you for your interest” messages to every prospect from the "voice of authority". Research shows that this type of personal attention at the moment of interest by a prospect improves closing ratios by as much as 50%.

With this unique system, you, as the Manager can customize which calls will work best for you for an extremely affordable price and watch your return on investment soar.

Additional benefits of the messaging system:

The “step-by-step” process makes using the system easy to create campaigns and run them automatically for as long and as often as needed.

The system is entirely web-based so that no special hardware or software is required other than a Web browser.

To protect your business, the system ensures regulatory compliance with advanced business rules that check the do-not-call (DNC) registry and telemarketing laws. You are able to purchase the entire system or purchase the system on an “as needed” basis.

Using this system will increase business by contacting your customers at the appropriate time with a personal message. This is a great way to expand the return on your advertising dollars.

(*Free campaigns are text with attachments)

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