Stay In Touch With Your Jobs:

Our client based website allows you full access to your jobs during and after production.

You May View:

Daily Productions Updates:

  • Where your job is in the production process
  • Which Post Office your job will mail from
  • When your job is scheduled to mail
  • The exact mail date

Layout and Design:

  • Review your artwork online
  • Communicate with our artists via our live notes section to make changes or approve your artwork

My Jobs Area:

  • View listings of Current Jobs
  • Access Artwork and Mailing List Details
  • Interact Online with our Personnel for quick changes to your Artwork or Mailing List

Job History:

  • View Listings of your 3 Year Job History
  • Access Artwork, Notes, List Information, ROI, and Response Reports

My Data Area:

  • Access all reports on your current dealership database
  • Review reports by Zip Code or by Make
  • Print and Download Reports in various formats

    Get the most out of your campaigns using our informative and up to date web site.

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