Don’t Settle for Standard Direct Mail and Other Retention Packages

Ask yourself the following questions about your Direct Mail and Customer Retention Programs.

  • Are my programs addressing all segments of my market? Do they include my current customers?  Do they include those customers that may be classified as “Lost Souls”?  Are we targeting the owners of my brand name vehicles in my area that have never been to my store?

  • Do I receive detailed tracking reports from my current direct mail provider?  Do they calculate my return on investment?  Do they identify my best response areas by zip code, money spent, repair order count and mailer response? Finally, do they provide this information to me on an easily accessible web site with all of my past mailers, artwork and reports online?

  • How much experience does my direct mail/CRM company have in the car business? Have they ever seen the day to day operations of a service department?   Do they understand CO-OP, dealership procedures or how I like to deal with my customers?
          If you cannot answer yes to all of the above….Contact Us!

Who Are We?

SMS Productions, Inc. has been specializing in direct  mail marketing for the Automobile Industry since 1980. During our 26 years of business we have established long term relationships with many top dealerships in the country. We have grown from a small, front end promotional company to a value oriented, all inclusive direct mail advertising agency.  We have the ability to customize specific strategies for each client, as well as produce every component of that plan. This means timely delivery of your marketing materials to your target customers. Our approach has proven itself to be successful. We currently work with over 200 dealerships on the east coast.  Our comprehensive programs are designed to provide long term customer retention and maximized operational profit per vehicle. We work with all profit centers within your dealership including Wholesale and Retail Parts. Our sales staff knows your business....and that makes all the difference.

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